Northern Warmth is committed to supplying the best quality of wood pellets for residential customers that have chosen to contribute to a cleaner environment by using sustainable and renewable fuel sources to heat their homes.

Quality and Consistency are the two pillars of our product line and the most important aspects to consider while choosing a brand of wood pellets.
Quality is relative to the cleanliness of the wood fiber being used and the quality of the manufacturing process regardless of the species. However, some wood pellets perform better than others and to address this issue, the Pellet Fuels Institute has established some standards to guide the market.

What to look for in Residential Wood Pellets?


Our wood residential pellets are available in 40 pound bags with 50 bags per pellet.

A well packaged product is a very important step in our bagging process. We ensure that all configurations of pellets are tightly shrink wrapped in a thick plastic all weather cover, then shrink wrapped with plastic wrap for even more protection.

All pellets are bulked in one of our in house rail fleet of bulk cars to our state of the art packaging plant in Upton MA and then bagged there. There is minimal damage and pellets are cleaned again allowing for very little dust in each bag. These are some of the best packaged pellets in all of New England, and allows us to offer just in time inventory control and mixed loads large or small, helping a dealer better manage inventory levels and having access to local distribution.