Hardwood Pellets vs. Softwood Pellets – Differences You Never Know

Initially, differentiating between hardwood and softwood pellets can seem like a big question; when in fact, this shouldn’t be such a challenging decision at all. The early days of production and usage have classified and labeled based on the species group they were made from. However, both of them are considered as heating fuel in general made from compressed biomass. Therefore, when it comes to finding the differences between hardwood pellets vs. softwood pellets; there isn’t much of a difference exists. Hardwood pellets are generally considered better for wood stoves over softwood pellets since it burns longer and has more heat energy.

Hardwood pellets and softwood pellets often cost about the same when sourced locally. However, some of the best softwood pellets on the East Coast cost the most because they are shipped all the way over here from the West Coast Douglas Fir forests. Much like hardwood pellets, softwood pellets will have the same high density and will burn just as clean as their counterparts if the bark is removed. Truth is there are some great hardwood pellets and softwood pellets as well as some lousy hardwood and softwood pellets. It doesn’t matter what wood pellet they are made of, what really matters is how clean the raw materials are that make up that pellet and how low the moisture content is. That’s a big difference!