Northern Warmth is committed to supplying the best quality of wood pellets for residential customers that have chosen to contribute to a cleaner environment by using sustainable and renewable fuel sources to heat their homes.

Northern Warmth Supreme Douglas Fir

Northern Warmth Supreme Douglas Fir (purple bag) is considered by many the best wood pellet on the market. Burning hotter, longer, and cleaner than any other wood pellet, NW Supreme Douglas Fir has set the standard for super premium fuel pellets. Made from 100% Douglas Fir Softwood from Oregon, NW Supreme Douglas Fir does not use recycled wood, additives, plastic or waxes. Additionally, the very low ash content of this product results in less cleaning and maintenance of your stove, boiler, or furnace.

When only the very best will do and you want top performance from your stove, with more heat and very little ash…then this is the pellet you should be using…

  • Wood: 100% Coastal Oregon Douglas Fir
  • Ash: .10% - .15%
  • BTU’s: up to 8900

Northern Warmth Douglas Fir

Burn hotter, burn longer, burn cleaner! Northern Warmth Douglas Fir has set the standard for super premium fuel pellets. These pellets consist of clean 100% Douglas Fir from the interior of BC Canada. These woods burn hotter and cleaner than other wood types. We never use recycled wood, additives, plastics or waxes. Northern Warmth Douglas Fir wood pellets exceed the national criteria for Premium pellets, making them a great pellet for many different kinds of pellet stoves

  • Wood: 100% Douglas Fir (interior of BC Canada)
  • Ash: .25% - .30%
  • Heat Value: up to 8800 BTU/LB

Northern Warmth Super Spruce

Northern Warmth Super Spruce. Manufactured in a plant in British Columbia Canada know for some of the best softwood wood fiber in the world, NW Super Spruce, are made from 100% softwood sawdust, with no additives, bark, or other contaminants. The high quality of raw material combined with an automated system and efficient quality control at the mill ensures that all wood pellets made in this facility meet the highest standard of quality available in the market.

Northern Warmth Super Spruce is available at better stove shops, lumber yards, nurseries and speciality store across the northeast where ever better pellets are sold.

  • Wood: SPF (spruce, pine and fir)
  • Ash: .35% - .39%
  • Heat Value: 8600 BTU/LB

Northern Warmth Purely Pine

Northern Warmth Purely Pine is a softwood pellet made exclusively from Yellow Pine Fiber. This pellet burns hotter, longer, and cleaner than any other wood pellet in it’s category. Purely Pine contains very low levels of chloride (salt), in turn equaling less corrosion and longer lasting stoves and chimney pipes. Our sawdust suppliers are certified by several sustainable organizations within the sector, ensuring that the fiber comes from well managaged, sustainable forests. Intensive reforestation practices restock each site with environmentally suited species of trees in order to assure sound forest stands for our future generations.

  • Wood: 100% Southern Yellow Pine
  • Ash: .35% - .40%
  • Heat Value: 8300 BTU/

Northern Warmth Hardwood Pellets

Northern Warmth Hardwood wood pellets produced by Hassell and Hughes Lumber Company in TN is the convenient, environmentally friendly way to warm your home all winter long. Our pellets are produced from clean dry wood waste from our oak flooring plant. Northern Warmth Hardwoods provide an excellent source of heat without adversely impacting the earth’s natural resources. By converting this waste product into an efficient heat source, Northern Warmth is contributing to saving the environment. Our 40lb bag is very easy to manage for any application and will provide 20 hours of continuous heat for a substantial savings over other fuels.


There are many options available for horse bedding. Wood pellets provide an excellent alternative to straw or shavings. They are easy to lay, provide great support for your horse and are quick to muck out. They are extremely absorbent and so any liquid waste will be quickly absorbed into the bedding, making it far more hygienic and healthy than straw or shavings. Our pellets are 100% softwood so produce very little dust and contain no bleach or additives, reducing any risk of allergies.

Using wood pellets is very economical as over time you will need to use less than you would with other bedding materials. A single bag of wood pellets will last at least as long as a whole bale of shavings since on average the amount of wood pellets you will remove equals around ¼ of the amount of shavings you would have to remove.


  • Easy to use – Simply spread the wood pellets and then spray with water.
  • Soft bedding – The wood pellets expand and dry to create a soft bedding.
  • Firm Base – The pellets’ firm base provides good support for your horse.
  • Easy to muck out – The manure can be removed from the surface.
  • Highly absorbent – Also reduces smell as ammonia is absorbed.
  • Easy to store and handle – The wood pellets are compressed before use.
  • Low dust content – This is ideal for horses with respiratory problems.
  • Cheaper – Most users find it a cheaper alternative to straw or hay.
  • Low moisture content – Reduces damp.

Quality and Consistency

Quality and Consistency are the two pillars of our product line and the most important aspects to consider while choosing a brand of wood pellets.

Quality is relative to the cleanliness of the wood fiber being used and the quality of the manufacturing process regardless of the species. However, some wood pellets perform better than others and to address this issue, the Pellet Fuels Institute has established some standards to guide the market.


Our wood residential pellets are available in 40 pound bags with 50 bags per pallet.

A well packaged product is a very important step in our bagging process. We ensure that all configurations of pellets are tightly shrink wrapped in a thick plastic all weather cover, then shrink wrapped with plastic wrap for even more protection.

All pellets are bulked in one of our in house rail fleet of bulk cars to our state of the art packaging plant in Upton MA and then bagged there. There is minimal damage and pellets are cleaned again allowing for very little dust in each bag. These are some of the best packaged pellets in all of New England, and allows us to offer just in time inventory control and mixed loads large or small, helping a dealer better manage inventory levels and having access to local distribution.

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