Equine Bedding



There are many options available for horse bedding. Wood pellets provide an excellent alternative to straw or shavings. They are easy to lay, provide great support for your horse and are quick to muck out. They are extremely absorbent and so any liquid waste will be quickly absorbed into the bedding, making it far more hygienic and healthy than straw or shavings. Our pellets are 100% softwood so produce very little dust and contain no bleach or additives, reducing any risk of allergies.

Using wood pellets is very economical as over time you will need to use less than you would with other bedding materials. A single bag of wood pellets will last at least as long as a whole bale of shavings since on average the amount of wood pellets you will remove equals around ¼ of the amount of shavings you would have to remove.


  • Easy to use – Simply spread the wood pellets and then spray with water.
  • Soft bedding – The wood pellets expand and dry to create a soft bedding.
  • Firm Base – The pellets’ firm base provides good support for your horse.
  • Easy to muck out – The manure can be removed from the surface.
  • Highly absorbent – Also reduces smell as ammonia is absorbed.
  • Easy to store and handle – The wood pellets are compressed before use.
  • Low dust content – This is ideal for horses with respiratory problems.
  • Cheaper – Most users find it a cheaper alternative to straw or hay.
  • Low moisture content – Reduces damp.
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